Granted a novel written in the voice of a ten year old motherless little girl sounds terribly cloying and extremely annoying but I  caught this review in the New York Times, was intrigued so I downloaded it into my Kindle (immediate gratification is one great by product of ownership).

Grace McCleen has crafted an elegant novel through the voice of a 10 year old girl who drops surprisingly poetic gems.

“Perhaps his idea of a perfect day vanished a long time ago and he has forgotten how to imagine a new one”

“I wondered what it would be like to die, was it like going to sleep or like waking up?”

Having  devoured this piece of fiction and having loved every page of it I am left kinda surprised and perhaps a little embarrassed (I mean honestly, look at the cover, you don’t get much more girly than that) but there you have it, I loved The Land of Decoration so long live sentiment and irony be damned  (for now).