Style icon Rachel Zoe was the perfect choice for this innovative web series developed for the LG Marquee. ¬†Creating challenges reflective of the phone’s core features and brand attributes was a creative way to highlight the technology while keeping users engaged and entertained.

Rachel and team (as always) were a pleasure to work with and we produced this content in a manner that was respectful of Rachel’s schedule while making sure the brand’s needs were met and we were able to craft a story that held viewer interest.

Additionally we produced this in a manner that ensured we could capture appropriate content to seed interest in social media (hence leaked exclusives which drove additional organic pick up).

Coordinating Rachel’s schedule to accommodate the hard dates surrounding LG’s media launch (not to mention the realities of production) was a challenge but through “no” is not an option attitude, quick thinking, Rachel’s amazing team and a super responsive staff we were able to shoot, edit and distribute an introductory episode setting up the association and challenges (below).
YouTube Preview Image

I loved Rachel’s live interaction through the LG phone on this episode which we changed it up a bit by casting two guys (do straight men even know who Rachel is or what she does?).

For one of the challenges I cast the Youtube powerhouse Jarmaine who promoted the series on her channel to great effect.